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VatiKaki - Training    
VatiKaki - Training
VatiKaki - Training
VatiKaki - Training
'Essential Digital Photography' covers a comprehensive range of topics such as:

Your Camera (sensor, shutter, lenses, storage etc.)
Taking a photograph (manipulating your camera for the best exposure, shutter speed, aperture, sensitivity etc.)
Flash photography
Depth of Field
White Balance
Composition (various rules such as thirds, leading lines, frames etc)
Manipulating your images (editing for exposure & saturation, file sizes, preparing for email & printing etc.)

The course starts on the basics and progresses to some intermediate and advanced topics. It is in the form of workshops and plenty of hands-on instruction is provided. You need no prior photography experience to enroll, but it will help if you have taken digital photographs and are familiar with your specific camera (if you have one).

Please note that this is not just a 'basic photography' course. After completing the course you will be able to take full manual control of your digital camera and understand the principles of taking good quality, well exposed and well composed photographs. You will also know about post-process manipulation and preparation of your images for email, web or printing use.

The course runs over four x three hour sessions (12 hours total) over a two week period, on Monday and Wednesday evenings. A CD containing the 'Essential Digital Photography' guide is provided.

The next course is scheduled to start on Monday, 27 September 2010.

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