VatiKaki - Referrals
VatiKaki - Referrals
VatiKaki - Referrals
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VatiKaki - Referrals    
VatiKaki - Referrals
Make $$$ with your pics

can make some extra money by providing photographs to Micro-Stock agencies. If you feel that your pictures are good enough to be used by designers of websites, brochures, magazines or other marketing or printed material, you can provide these pictures to the agencies, who will in turn pay you for each download.

By using the following links, you can open a submitter (or buyer) account with the various Micro-Stock agencies and start submitting your photos. If you use the links provided below, you will be registered as an affiliate of VatiKaki and I will make a small commission on your transactions. In return, I will help you to get started in this business by providing critique on your work, sample model releases, and assistance with key-wording of your first images (vital in order for designers to find your work). Getting started can be daunting and is usually the most difficult part of this business. As my affiliate I can increase your chances of being approved as an image submitter tremendously by reviewing your first sets of submissions before you submit them. Affiliation will in no way affect your earnings.

The links are as follows:
For more information, contact Nico at

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